Our Services

Since 2008, AmeriClerkships has been instrumental in more than 2,135 positive Match outcomes, including over 639 residency positions and 45 fellowships.*

AmeriClerkships’ combination of services helps our members craft the most confident, experienced, and presentable version of themselves. First impressions are everything, and we’re here to make yours positive and memorable!

FREE Assessment & Consultation:

Each of our members brings a different history and set of experiences with him/her. In order to provide you with a FREE assessment and consultation, please tell us about […]

Insured U.S. Clinical Experiences:

AmeriClerkships provides insured not-for-credit “U.S. Clinical Experiences” (also known as USCE) to medical graduates; insured for-credit “Clinical Clerkships & Rotations” […]

Residency Preparation with Membership:

The graduates and students we work with are not just clients, they are members who become an integral piece of our society and network, gaining direct access to […]

PLUS Career Development Upgrade:

“Personal Medical Branding with Dr. Mizani” is he highest service level available at AmeriClerkships. In addition to the benefits of our memberships, PLUS members […]

1-on-1 Document Revision:

No residency application is complete without elective documents that are personalized to each individual candidate. AMS’ Career Advisors will help you present […]

1-on-1 Interview Preparation:

When it comes time for interview season, AMS can help with that too! Our Mock Match Interviews, held via Google Hangout, are customized based on your experience […]

SOAP Preparation (NEW):

SOAP can be a very confusing time – but also a highly successful one. Each year, nearly 1000 residency hopefuls regain their trust in the Match system by securing a […]

Resident Re-entry (NEW):

Sometimes, for unforeseen reasons, you’re unable to complete your residency. Coming back after that time away from hospital and clinical settings can be rather […]